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In Geveb 2/22/18

"Both on- and offstage, Tsibele members maintained a banter and friendliness with the audience... Even more notably, they guided the audience throughout their set, explaining the origins and personal significance of the songs they played. This... is a testament to the band’s ethos: they make traditional klezmer and Moldovan/Bessarabian music accessible and exciting, simultaneously paying homage to musical traditions and connecting it to contemporary listeners."

- Noam Green, In Geveb - A Journal of Yiddish Studies


WFMU 12/16/17

Tsibele chatted with Rob Weisberg and shared some tunes on the long-running and beloved world music show Transpacific Sound Paradise. 


Jewcy 11/6/17

"...mostly standard klezmer, but with the occasional rock twist... peeling away contemporary issues of 'life under capitalism, tyranny, and heteropatriarchy' reveals that these problems aren’t new."

Gabriela Geselowitz, album review in Jewcy

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Tablet Magazine 10/11/17

"Indroysn iz finster (It’s Dark Outside) is a moving and moody collection of traditional and new songs, with some delightfully inventive twists on skarabove (extremely familiar) tunes."

- Rokhl Kafrissen, Rokhl's Golden City


Vaybertaytsh 6/27/17

Tsibele features in a rare English episode of this feminist podcast normally in Yiddish. 

Interview with the band

Announcement in Yiddish about the album release